…to some random meanderings…


I felt the world really needed ready access to the intermittent, scattergun thoughts of an ageing, early retiree Yorkshirewoman living in wildest Worcestershire. So I finally did something about it…


Probably just an excuse to let off steam, upload some photographs, bring some family history into the light of day, and add a few musings and assorted oddities that amuse, intrigue or befuddle me. The vintage music collection fell into that category…


Ruth with Mephi and Judy

Ruth with Mephi the cat and Judy dog in the garden in Zaria.

This is me, Ruth, in rather cuter days,  many decades ago in Nigeria.  Now much older, though not necessarily a lot wiser, and many cats later… 

Married to Stewart for – eek – almost 40 years now…

Stew Tiger Moth Copy of DSCF0645

A happy man. The Other Half about to fly over Vic Falls in a Tiger Moth.


An avid photographer

with a lovely daughter we are both so proud of – she’s a nurse, now a Sister – and we now have a (much-exploited) son-in-law. 

Ava & Grandma Bec-5916

How can our gorgeous daughter be a grandma? Aargh.

We have two grandchildren

Family pics 6 May 2013-6038 - Copy

The GD is also lovely and a talented photographer but will call curses upon me for putting this up…

Dan & Ava-088

The grandson – now a proud dad.

and most scarily, a  great-granddaughter, the GGD, born in 2012…

Family pics 6 May 2013-5878 - Copy

The eyes have it… The GGD at around 6 months.

 and a great-grandson, the GGS, born in 2014.

 3 months old at Christmas 2014.

3 months old at Christmas 2014.

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  1. mopana says:

    Lovely family! 🙂

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