A Nigerian Experience


three young children sitting on grass in meadow

Remembering mum

My lovely mum on what would have been her 95th birthday. I have a couple of treasured pictures taken of our family (in best bib and tucker in the garden at Maru, Northern Nigeria) by Gavin Carr, colleague of my dad’s and family friend. Despite my mum’s inclination (also inherited by me) to owl, rather … Continue reading

March 1953 – with the Jenkins to Bassa

This extract from the family album has perplexed me. Dad’s captions speak of ‘down the Miango road’ going to a village, Bassa. However, Bassa town, which I had assumed it meant, is in the other direction from Jos, and even in 1953 would, I think, have been rather bigger! I wondered if dad had noted … Continue reading

Easter 1953 – A Visit to Toro

David Dobson was PEO (Provincial Education Officer) based in Jos but with responsibilities around the Plateau region. From the next pages in the family album, it seems those duties included visiting Toro, where there was a school and a Teacher Training College. I am not sure which of the named people worked where, but suspect … Continue reading

10/9/1952 – 3/6/1953 – First posting to Jos

10 St. Patrick’s Avenue, Jos. PEO’s House My mother and father, Jean and David Dobson, went to Nigeria a couple of years after they married in 1950; quite a contrast from industrial West Yorkshire. They lived with David’s mother, Flossie, in Halifax. My father joined the then Colonial Service to work in education. My mother … Continue reading

Parents and child sitting in a garden, Northern Nigeria, early 1960s. Author's family.
The Dobsons at Kuru

This page is a work in progress and will pull together some images and memories of our family’s time in Nigeria.

My parents, Jean and David Dobson, were there from 1952-63 and again from 1975-78. I spent my first seven years there and visited again in 1976, but sadly not since.

Many of the images of more general interest in this set of posts will also have been posted in a Nigerian Nostalgia group on Flickr. This blog includes a bit more detail where I have it and some of the more personal images.