Little Wins

A nice little surprise yesterday in the welter of underwhelming junky email in my inbox; apparently I have won a Kodak camera with a picture I took a while ago of the poppy field at Blackstone Farm, a Worcestershire Wildlife Trust reserve. I’m very chuffed, and would put the picture up for this vanity moment, but I took loads of them and didn’t keep a record of which one I sent in. This is one of the batch…

poppy field, Worcestershire

Clearly we are not talking major art prizes here, but it’s given me a real boost, out of proportion to the significance of the event.

Sometimes it’s the little wins that keep you going. A friend of mine was absolutely determined not to lose her hair during chemo (whereas I lost patience immediately and demanded the hairdresser shave my head!) and she was so pleased about winning that battle, I would swear it helped her overall recovery… Winning the little stuff sometimes really helps with battling the bigger things.

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