Stuffed asparagus!

Well, it’s not just me thinking this “official drought” is causing problems. The Asparagus Festival (yep, that’s for real) tomorrow has had to be cancelled. The recent – and continuing – rain has royally stuffed the “gras” – asparagus – crop for now. 

cakes topped with marzipan asparagus

Hopefully the auction  (27th May at the Fleece Inn, Bretforton) and other events at the end of May will be luckier with the weather. 

Brewer's dray

It is one of the more eccentric local events! 

In previous years we have popped along to the Fleece Inn at Bretforton and been entertained by anything from mediaeval or Morris dancing to craft fairs and draught horses…

Henry Sandon


The expert and affable Henry Sandon is a feature of the celebrations this year as well. I don’t think our attic will be furnishing excitement for Henry’s valuations this (or any) year!

What I took to be a one-off appearance of Gus, the Asparagus Man turns out to be a regular feature also.

Man dressed as asparagus, eating a burger. Best not to ask why...

I suspect the identity of the terminally embarrassed actor inside the green felt suit varies from year to year, in order to offer the chance of this career-enhancing performance to as many young thespians as possible…

The faintly surreal vision of a stick of asparagus tucking into a burger will stay with me for some time.

Despite the gentle mockery here, it’s a bit of fun, so fingers crossed for the 27th. 

Morris man with mug of beer

shearing machine

Dray man in bowler hat

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