Hints of Spring

A delightful meander on Friday at Chastleton House, a largely original Jacobean house and gardens in deepest Oxfordshire, provided the compulsory seasonal snowdrop hunt. This was highly successful, and there were other delights; miniature iris glowing blue in the borders, and dayglow-pink tiny cyclamen nestling under the trees. There were otherChastleton Feb 2013-1592Chastleton Feb 2013-1631Chastleton Feb 2013-1663Chastleton Feb 2013-1557Chastleton Feb 2013-1597hopeful signs of spring – the forcing pots were out, with the first startlingly tinged rhubarb stems emerging like psychedelic aliens in the kitchen garden…

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2 Responses to Hints of Spring

  1. ALEKSANDR Z says:

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    красивые ирисы

  2. Anna says:

    Such cheerful photos!

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