A bit of time travel…

Oops. It’s ages since I posted; thought I’d pop up a few pictures from a (fairly) recent event at Avoncroft we went to with a couple of visiting friends.

The museum is always a pleasant place to meander around, and additionally there was a “living history” encampment of the wonderfully named Lace Wars – chance to sample the life of an 18th century Redcoat as the soldiers prepared to quell the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.  It made for a colourful day!

18th century foot soldiers drilling

18th century foot soldiers drilling


An 18th century Grenadier in full rig


Soldiers in period costume outside tent, sewing.

Domestic duties

Uncap Your Fuse...   Grenadier’s Exercise

Uncap Your Fuse… Grenadier’s Exercise

And for a little correction of the balance, one for the distaff side…

Woman in 18th centry costume at spinning wheel


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