Little Star…

Well, those eyes are certainly twinkling!

The GGD. (See Welcome for explanation of coy abbreviation….). Wouldn’t you kill for those eyelashes?

Taken in a local pub. We take our GGP responsibilities seriously… Lunch outing rather than a beer tasting, honest!  Actually, mum & dad (hers, not mine!) were there too but I don’t think the OH and I managed one decent pic between us… sorry. kids! 

The poor child is also suffering from what we used to have to put up with as kids and is probably mercifully dying out: the propensity of elderly “rellies” to buy clothes way too big so they could be ‘grown into’.  The poor child was dutifully dressed by Mum in a sweet dress I fell for ages ago, but I think there’s still room for growth, and I failed to factor in the waywardness of collars!

Ava vignette-1500


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