Les amis

Les amis

This pair of horses seemed a little reluctant to wade into the North Sea at Duhnen, pulling the hefty, high-wheeled ‘Wattwagen‘ cart that was to take us to the island of Neuwerk across a quite daunting mudflat with the tide not quite all the  way out!

I snapped them as the chestnut was leaning up its mate for comfort; it looked as if he was saying “Please don’t make me go”! They (and the driver) did  a great job and got us there and back without mishap, I have to say.

I happened to have a large print of this to hand when a request came in to the camera club a while ago, so I put it, entitled Les amis,  into an art & craft exhibition in France, as the only other prints I had ready at the time were even more idiosyncratic! The event was postponed due to the bad weather in the early summer, and a club and twinning association member kindly took some  prints over with him last week, doing sterling (and lone) duty in a tent over a chilly weekend.

He rang yesterday to say my print had sold, which surprised  and pleased me no end, as I had quite forgotten about it. The money won’t exactly change my life (!) but those few euros have cheered me greatly; it’s the first actual print I’ve sold, though I’ve had money for some calendar shots and sold the odd digital image, and it pleases me greatly to think that someone else liked my two equine pals enough to hang them on their wall. Thank you, whoever you are!

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