Double Vision

I’ve had a couple of brief sessions making myself twiddle buttons I don’t normally fiddle with and try out a few things on the camera.  Some interesting faux reflections in pictures from Clive Haynes and Malcolm Addison in our camera club got me experimenting with double exposures in-camera, and I was quite chuffed with some of the results. The attrition rate wasn’t as high as I’d feared (though you may consider some of these should have hit the bin!) and it’s been fun trying to achieve an effect ‘blind’ as you can’t view the double exposure whilst taking the image. It has also confirmed my list to port (or starboard when upside down).

I thought some of the effects were quite other-worldly, others just plain fun. All the pictures were taken locally at Upton Warren, a local nature reserve, and Avoncroft Museum of Buildings.

Gateway to Narnia - the Wood Between the Worlds

Sunset in two worlds Waterworld Avalon World with two suns Neural network Reaching out Rift in Reality

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