Getting Out More…

Well, we are in one sense, at least.

We finally put on our first exhibition as the ƒ.action group, having been invited to exhibit for a month at the Artrix in Bromsgrove.  We opened there at the end of April with a small private viewing, all very convivial!

It’s been a bit of a mini-project, with all of us taking on different aspects from setting up a website (thanks, Darren!) to sorting private view invitations & catering, sorting hanging plans, producing handouts and labels, and planning the book of the exhibition (coming soon!). We had fun taking some tongue-in-cheek publicity shots and Pam put together a super slide show of the work on show. All this on top of choosing, printing, mounting and framing the photographs means we had a busy few weeks, hence an even longer gap than usual in the blog!

Organised chaos!

Organised chaos!

Stew's job - mirror plating

Stew’s job – mirror plating

My job - mounting & framing

My job – mounting & framing

It’s one thing to put a couple of images in an exhibition as part of something much bigger, and something else again to set one up in your own right, I have found. We feel quite big brave girls and boys now!

Foyer at the Artrix

Foyer at the Artrix

A quick phone snap of the end result.

A quick phone snap of the end result.

2015-04-27 13.49.31

We are planning our next ‘outings’ with much anticipation. I hope at least some of our viewers are too!

So to finish this quick post, here’s your ‘private view’ of ƒ.action at the Artrix.

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