9 Reasons to Look Up in Yorkshire

Looking up in God’s Own County… 😉

The Historic England Blog

You may think you know a place well, but if you take the opportunity to look up, you may be surprised at what you discover.

To celebrate Yorkshire Day (1st August), Emma Sharpe, Assistant Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas, gives us her pick of 9 reasons to look up in Yorkshire.

1. Leeds’ Abandoned Skywalk

Bank House Leeds

Grade II listed Bank House in Leeds is an architecturally adventurous example of the Bank of England’s 1960s building program. It has an interesting feature which even residents of Leeds who pass the centrally located building every day could easily overlook. What appear to be balconies on the first floor are actually remnants of a visionary 1960s plan to connect the whole city via a network of elevated walkways. These walkways would allow pedestrians to float high above the chaos of the cars below as they made their way unencumbered about the city.

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