Apple Day at Hanbury Hall

Yep, pretty much what it says.

We wandered over to Hanbury Hall, a pleasant local National Trust property, the other Sunday, to find it was Apple Day, entailing all sorts from creating apple boats in the orchard to sales of apples and displays of the varieties grown at the hall and used in their cafe.  We had a meander through the long gallery which was holding an exhibition of wood-turning, and through the orchard and orangery, and the kitchen gardens, which were new to us. As usual, we had the cameras…

hanbury-hall-apple-day-6088hanbury-hall-apple-day-5995 Busy beehanbury-hall-apple-day-6002 hanbury-hall-apple-day-6007 A spiky welcome Parterre Parterrehanbury-hall-apple-day-6013-edithanbury-hall-apple-day-6014hanbury-hall-apple-day-6015 Exhibtion Lemon tree, very prettySetting sail Launch Crops Apple day Through the gate Tree trio Forgotten Pumpkin Know your applesCatshead hanbury-hall-apple-day-6050 hanbury-hall-apple-day-6054 Lunch breakTime waits for gnomonGrilleInside out Green hanbury-hall-apple-day-6078hanbury-hall-apple-day-6079 hanbury-hall-apple-day-6080

PumpkinWorcestershire Woodturnershanbury-hall-apple-day-6081



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