Spring at Lower Smite Farm

After a mundane shopping trip today it was a pleasure to detour via the HQ of the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust at Hindlip on the way home and spend some time just enjoying the garden and surrounding reserve area. 

The cowslip meadow is still a sea of yellow, the reeds around the pond are rustling and squeaking with life and the surface is alive with ripples as the pond skaters do their stuff and the air is heady with the scent of blossom. 

The slow-worm peered at us with limited interest, while we rather delighted in meeting this charming neighbour. 

I hadn’t taken the camera, so it’s just phone snaps, but I had got the 360 Gear. Unfortunately between us we managed to take it off the 360 setting after a couple of shots so you’re spared more! I’m not sure if the 360 works on WordPress so this is in the nature of a trial post and I’ve included the spherical snapshot just for fun.

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