Small Pleasures and Nemesis

I passed a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours again today playing piano (albeit rather badly) to accompany a friend  who is taking up his clarinet again after quite a break.

He is much more determined than I and practises beforehand (Flanders and Swann fans will be muttering “which ruins the fun,” at this point). Ironically, a camera club member who came for a bit of a tutorial this morning had to go straight back home, as her husband had gone out without his key, so I did grab the chance for an hour’s practice, but then played this piece worse than I did when sightreading it last time! It’s not even difficult, but the Nemesis that is syncopation addled my brain.


Take two or three

It’s a pleasure making music, however haltingly, and doubly so to play with others; ensemble playing is very satisfying and my friend plays in a couple of bands.

Our duets will have to suffice for me, plus I’m resolving to go back to playing every day if possible, even if only briefly; not necessarily serious practice but just playing for enjoyment. Onward and upward!


Musical miscellany

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