Books as Art

Yesterday was the first session of a creative bookmaking course (Anna Yevtukh’s 10-week Books as Art incorporating mixed media) at Malvern Hills College. I had been on a day’s workshop with the tutor there and thoroughly enjoyed that, though to be fair, like most crafts, it doesn’t exactly play to my strengths! I decided to sign up as it’s always good to have a new challenge, and had a great first day starting to produce a small keepsake or scrapbook album. Here’s the rather lovely example piece for the first workshop that we were shown…


..and we were shown some more examples of tasks we shall have over the next few weeks to develop some basic skills before starting our own short project.


Inspired by these, we promptly set to folding our pages and creating the bindings for our own miniature albums.

We didn’t finish but progress was made and we shall bind the books next week. I went home tired from concentrating and slightly sticky (I obviously didn’t do enough Blue Peter ‘makes’ as a child and remain hopelessly inept with scissors, knives and particularly glue!) but very happy and thrilled out of all proportion to have created the makings of a proper book from scratch!


Cover of my album showing end papers and the ‘pocket’ pages ready to go…


The front cover and the pages ready to go in. So chuffed!

Now to develop some ideas for the project…



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