Riding the Wave

The Wave
Wave 2

It was a pleasure to introduce a friend from photography club recently to the Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings, which she’d never visited even though she lives pretty locally. It’s a lovely facility and everyone we have taken there has thoroughly enjoyed it.

Avoncroft was England’s first open-air buildings museum, in the tradition of the Scandinavian Skansen, and has an eclectic selection of 30+ buildings from a post-war prefab to a working windmill via a mediaeval merchant’s house and a jail.

You could hardly get further from the sea there, though, so why the Waves? I was taking some slightly desultory photos almost on autopilot, and a lovely barn there has some great worn stone flags which I thought would make good textures. While processing the images later, I saved a few fairly ‘straight’ versions for texture use but then a long-lost creative mojo that I just faintly recognised from pre-Covid days peeped in and I started to play around…

I know they’re nothing special (Hokusai they ain’t) but they do represent an important small step for me, back to some creativity, I hope, so I will nevertheless celebrate them!

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