Easter 1953 – A Visit to Toro

David Dobson was PEO (Provincial Education Officer) based in Jos but with responsibilities around the Plateau region. From the next pages in the family album, it seems those duties included visiting Toro, where there was a school and a Teacher Training College. I am not sure which of the named people worked where, but suspect the sports event (perhaps a coronation-related event?) covered both institutions and the visit took place over at least a couple of days. As mum also went along, it was evidently opportunity for a social break for them too, as Toro is only 20-odd miles from Jos, so wouldn’t normally merit a stopover!

The Cottage was where Jean and David stayed. The Sentance’s house and garden feature, and odd details resonate with me, even though this is before my time. I noticed the many pots at the edge of the picture of Mr & Mrs Sentance, which made me think of Naraguta pottery, just down the road, where I recall visiting in later years and I think was source of many fine garden pots for my mother to fill and tend. The folding camp chair (now I think more grandly designated a Director’s chair) was a feature for many of us. (We even had a very old military issue canvas and wood camp bath my great-uncle had evidently given my parents – it came in handy on a hot day on the verandah for a small child in need of cooling!)

Again, these are scanned from tiny prints in the family album, so I hope they retain enough detail to be of some interest.

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