Remembering mum

My lovely mum on what would have been her 95th birthday.

As my pun-addicted dad labelled this, Ma-Ru (taken in the garden at Maru!)

I have a couple of treasured pictures taken of our family (in best bib and tucker in the garden at Maru, Northern Nigeria) by Gavin Carr, colleague of my dad’s and family friend.

Despite my mum’s inclination (also inherited by me) to owl, rather than lark tendencies, this was the place where she would get up before sunrise to take me and Judy-dog for a walk as it got so hot later in the day. Bit of a climate shock for Yorkshire folk, I guess!

For some reason, on this occasion, my dad also had a pic taken in full academical gear (in 40-odd degree heat!) – I think, probably to send home to his mum.

My dubious coiffure tradition clearly stems from a very early age, but at least I can blame this one on mum!

I count myself very fortunate to have been born to such loving parents.

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