Small Pleasures

Ager garden NGS May 2013-6868 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6869 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6870 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6875 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6876 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6878 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6880 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6884 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6900 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6915 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6919 Ager garden NGS May 2013-6926


What a pleasure to meander through a local garden last week through the NGS (National Gardens Scheme) and enjoy the fruits of other people’s labour! Over 350 different types of plant and a few unusual additions make this a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. It’s better still when you can top it off with tea and home-made cakes! We even managed to dodge the rain, as you can see from the pictures.

Next chances to visit:-

Sun 30 June (10-5) £3, children free – homemade teas available (and recommended!).
Wed 24 July (6-9 Evening Opening £4, children free, wine.
They also take group visits by appointment June – August.

I’m no gardener, as anyone who has seen our place well knows, but who doesn’t enjoy exploring a well-designed and managed garden?  I really envy their ‘sit spot’ under the lovely wisteria…

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