Bald Eagle from Mike McMurray

Bald Eagle.

An impressive collection of images on this blog, and often quite inspiring.

Usually I assume (and I apologise fulsomely in advance to all concerned!) that landscape photographers are hale and hearty souls who live on brown rice or forage as they go, sleep under the stars (canvas being for wimps) and yomp miles with packs that elite troops would consider overwhelming, just to be in the right place at dawn or dusk, and sure enough, many are! However, there is more to it…

Mike’s mobility is now limited, as I find mine is increasingly with age and afflictions, and it is great to see what he has achieved through his ‘roadside’ photography.

Note to self: must try harder!

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1 Response to Bald Eagle from Mike McMurray

  1. mikemcmurray says:

    Thank you for sharing this! You are right: I am not out sleeping under stars and climbing mountains. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy nature, though. Some of the best shots are from the least likely places. Cheers!

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