Retro vs Old?

It’s generally a bit of fun going to a retro/vintage event, and there are popular eras for this; we get quite a few 1940s re-enactors at local venues, for instance, and they are always very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the era. We can go round the events and take lots of photos of extravert people who are happy to be snapped and enjoy a bit of nostalgia ourselves: – “Ooh, gran had one of those…” and all that stuff. There was a mainly 1960s retro/vintage fair on at Avoncroft yesterday and we went along with a friend for a bit of nostalgia. However, I swiftly realised that I now AM grandma, and looking at the various vintage items for sale on the stalls was rather like seeing my life flash before my eyes! I’ve always known that there is a fine dividing line between straight old-fashioned and nostalgic-cum-charmingly-retro, and that’s fine.  Somehow though yesterday was an uncomfortable reminder that we are now just another history project for the kids, rather than being the kids of the swinging sixties that we remain in our heads! Having said that, it was fun. We came across things I’d completely forgotten about, played with the Etch A Sketch (ask your grannies, kids!), made patterns with Spirographs, and for the first time ever, I did tie-dyeing! I confess I am old enough to have worn plenty of  tie-dye, but I think my mother was only too aware of my art & craft limitations to let me loose with Dylon. 

Avoncroft 60s day-7756

BSA Bantam

Avoncroft 60s day-7758

60s picnic

Avoncroft 60s day-7760

Etch A Sketch!

Avoncroft 60s day-7762

Spirograph patterns

Avoncroft 60s day-7763

Scalextric racing track

Avoncroft 60s day-7771

Hippie gear!

Avoncroft 60s day-7811

The Tie-Dye Stall

Avoncroft 60s day-7822

Tie-Dye – have a go!

Avoncroft 60s day-7824-2

My Masterpiece!

Avoncroft 60s day-7826

Tie-Dye just hanging…

Avoncroft 60s day-7845

Who remembers hula?

Avoncroft 60s day-7846

Expert at work. She “hulaed” for aaaages!

Avoncroft 60s day-7895

All kitted out. Car, outfit and picnic set in the boot…

Avoncroft 60s day-7922

Cafe staff in the spirit of things!

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