Harvest Home

As the chutney-in-the-making photo in the last blog was a bit dubious to say the least, I thought I’d ferret out a few of the more finished products from recent bouts of domesticity. I think it’s an atavistic urge, like chaps and fire/barbecues, that has even the most inept of us (me!) succumbing to the need to stock up the store cupboard with home-made goodies for the winter.

What does strike me when I have a bout of enthusiasm for filling the larder is what a shame it is we don’t actually have one! In our modern house, all made out of ticky-tacky, there is virtually no storage space. Even the under-stair cupboard (the glory-hole) is only half-height, giving us nowhere for storing ironing boards or steps, let alone food. Fortunately, family, friends & colleagues stoically, heroically in some cases, accept jars of my experiments, relieving some of the pressure on the household storage, for which I thank you all!

Even so, I say bring back the old-fashioned larder!

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