A Regency Christmas Concert with Dodici Corde

Another Shindig do tonight – the local touring arts scheme in Worcestershire. They provide a wonderfully eclectic selection of music, drama and dance and we have sampled many of their offerings.

This time it was a candle- and lamp-lit Regency Christmas concert with period ‘Early Romantic’ guitar players Dodici Corde and their guest reader and soprano, at Lower Broadheath church – a very welcoming place.

The guitar playing was super, the readings well chosen and the music both in period and suitably festive – altogether a very pleasant evening. At £12 including mulled wine (before and in the interval) and mince pie, an absolute bargain! Actually even more so for us as we actually won the tickets, so an extra thank you to Live and Local/Shindig!

Sadly I managed to mess up the settings on the camera so they are very hit and miss pics, not helped by the heaters in the church that glow red and gave everything an unsuitably demonic glow! Sorry folks, not sure I’m doing the cause of live music (or photography) much good with these, but hey, I’m having fun!

And lamp-oil light across the night

Dodici Corde & Worcester at night-014 Dodici Corde & Worcester at night-020 Dodici Corde & Worcester at night-022 Dodici Corde & Worcester at night-026 Dodici Corde016 Dodici Corde038 crop

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