It’s Christmas….

And I seem to have been making a bit of a Santa collection, mainly from photoshoots at Croome Court, a joint volunteer venture between National Trust and our camera club, plus a visit to the Worcestershire Camera Club exhibition in CrownGate, Worcester, with the odd drive-by Santa at home!

Christmas 2013 mobile pics-010

Rather fine robin action image by Douglas Gregor ARPS. Does look as if it’s about to feed Santa a maggot!


Santa in College Green-007-Edit_

The Lions’ Santa and sleigh in Droitwich.

Christmassy Croome & Santa-004 by Ruth Bourne

Santa in the cellar at Croome.

Christmassy Croome Community Choir-127 by Ruth Bourne

Croome tree decoration

Croome Santa-042 by Ruth Bourne


Croome Santa-088 by Ruth Bourne

Down the chimney at Croome.

Croome Santa-115 by Ruth Bourne

Worn out!

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