Mystery Lady

My uncle and aunt found what they thought to be a daguerrotype when moving house recently and sorting through various belongings. I’ve scanned the rather too well-loved picture for them to see if my limited digital processing skills will let me restore her to some of her former glory.

Her case has long since lost its lid and the glass-based image itself (which I believe now to be an ambrotype, thanks to info from the National Media Museum blogspot, thank you Colin!) is rather badly damaged. However, she deserves a bit of attention I think, so here she is in the original, rather skew-whiff scan and my first very quick rough & ready edit (in Lightroom).

Nigel's vintage portrait scan_20151224_0001 original scanNigel's vintage portrait scan_20151224_0001 rough cut edit 1

The mystery of who she is will also occupy us. Dating the picture should help whittle down potential family members. I do hope we can find out… Meanwhile our anonymous but intriguing guest will soon return home.




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