2016 – rebooted

Well, that took me by surprise. It’s almost the end of January and I’ve not even wished you well for the New(ish) Year….

It’s been rather a downbeat start. We cancelled a visit to friends for New Year’s Eve as they were poorly. A few pictures from our not-so-riotous evening at home therefore make up this post – I confess it was actually very pleasant to have a selfishly indulgent time, though we missed the fun with friends, of course. Stewart made up his kit camera, a great present from daughter and we thoroughly enjoyed a home film night.

Family (and friends’)  illness has been the recurrent theme since then, unfortunately, along with the sad passing of some musical icons of my youth. 2016 could definitely do with a fresh start, so I’m officially declaring it New Year again now. Onward and upward!

Doesn't every living room have a stormtrooper?

Doesn’t every living room have a stormtrooper?

Yay! Project complete.

Yay! Project complete.

Now for some serious photography... ;)

Now for some serious photography… 😉

Togetherness - it's film night. Shame he didn't get socks for Christmas!

Togetherness – it’s film night. Shame he didn’t get new socks for Christmas!


Cheers! Here’s to us all.

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