Feeling crabby?

It’s been a while since I did anything vaguely foodie, partly as I’ve been on an awkward exclusion diet (low FODMAP) for a while. All bets were off in Lisbon last week though! I am now back on the wagon prior to a complex reintroduction phase!

Tonight was seafood treats night, with crab bites for starters – an improvised job to suit both my restrictions and Stew’s tastes.

A Little Gem lettuce heart forms the bases, though I’d also be tempted to try chicory/endive for a bitter contrast to the sweet crab. Wash, separate and season the lettuce or endive lightly.

Take about a third of a green pepper, the green of a couple of spring onions (scallions), a small handful of coriander leaves, a pickled gherkin and about 8 capers and chop finely, then combine with a couple of tablespoons of low-fat mayo and about the same of (lactose-free for low-FODMAP) yoghurt – but alter amount and proportions to suit. A dash of salt and pepper and the juice of up to half a lime complete the dressing. You could also add a touch of fresh chilli or dried flakes for a livelier zing, but don’t overpower the crab.

Spoon the dressing into the leaves and top off with fresh dressed crab (or tinned would work too).

With a little bread on the side and less generous portions you could serve 4 with this: we were in post-holiday and computer-disaster depression, so troughed the lot!

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