A Mundane Conversation

Day 28 of the January Challenge: a 10-minute creative task each day. The task today was to write a boringly mundane conversation, then add the subtext.

A Mundane Conversation – From the sick bed

He: Is it a bin day?

She: Yes, today’s bin day.

(Giddy spin day, a little sin day? Perhaps a win day?
A gin day, a ‘has-bin’ day, a staying in day…)

He: Which colour?

She: I think it’s the green.

(Colour you say? An iridescent sheen,
Or flamingo pink in which to preen?
Maybe it’s an azure, as yet unseen.
Rainbow opalescence or aquamarine…)

Yes, it’s green.


He; That’s done. Coffee?

She: Would love a cup o’ tea.

(Stay me with flagons, Comfort me…
Or, just some tea and sympathy.)

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