A Pocketful of Illusions

In the first stages of easing the current, pretty comprehensive lockdown, we took advantage of a sunny day a couple of weeks ago to pop down the road to Spetchley Park Gardens which had not long re-opened their gates.

We have remained very cautious throughout the pandemic, and it was almost exciting to be able to go out without planning and pre-booking (we became members last year with that in mind). It was interesting to see how this simple, very local outing (just a walk round the gardens, no cafe visit, not meeting up with anyone as it was a bit spur-of-the-moment) still provided us with the illusion of having a big day out!

Spring had arrived, it seemed – and that was the second illusion, as sitting here writing on a wet, blustery, almost wintry Bank Holiday Monday would suggest.

Some of the garden was still tucked up in its winter woolies, but the magnolias and many other plants were blooming beautifully. Ducklings and goslings were (IRL) zooming round the lake, peeping, piping and looking for all the world like clockwork toys.

The final illusion of this little handful is the image that I shot for the vivid spring-green colours and peaceful reflections that attracted me. The floating weed gave the burgeoning tree the illusion of having its full summer foliage. Inverting the image completed the illusion.

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