January Challenge 2: Why I Love Yorkshire

Oops. This was lurking in the drafts when I came to post today – symptomatic, I fear! This was written on 2 January. To recap, I am doing my third January Challenge, run by #64MillionArtists, where a daily art-related short task is set. I am compiling the results into a small notebook I made a little while ago. I am hoping this daily exercise will stir my long-lost mojo into returning!

Today’s challenge was to say why we love a place or location. I chose the county of my birth (and most of my childhood) and followed the quickie 5-minute suggestion, scribbling down a string of first responses and popping them into an even rougher heart, with due apologies for the cliché.

The places in the heart are my shorthand for a variety of resonant memories, both happy and poignant.

To share it online I overlaid it on a photo I took a few years ago of Brimham Rocks in their heather-clad autumnal glory. As an art work it has little merit but it prompts so many thoughts and memories that I shall give it its place in the challenge book and hope to return to it as a prompt for a more considered piece of writing or multimedia.

Family, bilberries and millstone grit….
Brimham Rocks
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