The January Challenge 2022

Well, a week or so late and a bob short – the story of my creative life! I finally sorted the last few daily challenges a few days ago, albeit not always as intended, and logged them in the little notebook I had decided to use for the record this year. (That was a kit from West Yorkshire Archive Services which I enjoyed making up in an online workshop and I thought this would be a good use for it.)

I did add each day’s task electronically to the Challenge Facebook Group, too, so it was a bit of a cumbersome process, and partly why I was late finishing. The end of January has a cluster of family birthdays too, so real life tends to interfere!

Just to mark the completion, I thought I’d post a quick pic of the notebook plus a random mixed bag of examples. It was fun to do, as ever, but I’ve still not found reliable mojo again yet. I hope, as we emerge from winter to spring and from the worst of the pandemic, that said mojo will pop up a bit more frequently and more ready to set to work!

The finished booklet!
Day 7 – Ode to Access
Pudmuddle 3, Day 8
Day 13 Word recycling – recycled random email headers from the inbox.
Day 15 – a permanent state
Tiny landscape collage – Day 24
Day 25 – 3D collage (recycling Christmas cards)
5 a Day – Day 26
Into Another World
Well, that’s what I set out to do but my choice(s) meandered into the ‘fabric’ of my childhood topic in a way!
I have many favourite pieces of music, so always find it impossible to choose. I think the fabric task set me thinking about childhood so I settled on listening to a piano piece my mother used to play, Rustle of Spring by Sinding, as there were cheering signs of spring on our short walk today.
That sent me off into a somewhat nostalgic world of my own, recalling some of the eclectic variety of piano music (beyond the standard classical) that my mum played and my dad enjoyed, that was part of the soundtrack of my childhood. That then prompted this little ‘scroll’ photo-montage rather hastily collated on the phone. (Click to see full image) I think I’d like to try a more considered version some time…
Just a few of the items buried in here (and in my sheet music cabinet!) – enjoy…
Caprice de Nanette – (orchestral)
In a Monastery Garden
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