I had totally forgotten this feeble attempt to transcribe (in an early look at Noteflight) the chorus of a song my paternal grandma used to sing to me as a small child. I only rediscovered it when I clicked on a guest post link in a forum to see the music… only to find it was my own Noteflight account! I don’t recall actually hearing any verses but have found this set of lyrics (below) online.

I seem to recall singing ‘Over the city and fields and mountains’ – though it doesn’t rhyme with hill, perhaps a reflection of our Pennine surroundings!

I have tried to find a recorded version and sheet music without success, most recently checking with USA sources as new media come into the public domain, but a bit of further research suggests an origin around 1928, so a few years to wait yet.


Shadows are falling and daylight is past;
Beautiful evening is with us at last;
All the wide heavens with silver are dressed;
Night winds are kissing the flowers to rest.

Forest leaves rustle in quivering light;
Sing, all ye nightingales, lo it is night;
Sing to our Father your praises on high–
Praise for His beautiful moon in the sky.

Moon, moon, beautiful moon!
Rising, rising, rising still
Over the city and field and hill,
And creeping, and peeping,

Where children are sleeping.
Moon, beautiful moon.

Verse by Theodora Wilson Wilson – pacifist and novelist who had a book banned – check her out!

This is the source of the version I quote here.

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