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Domestic disruption

I’ve just decamped into our bedroom with a bag of electronics, a few bits of extraneous furniture, cardboard packing cases and bubble wrap hoping to get ahead, or slightly less behind, in the schedule of packing up rooms for the … Continue reading

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2016 – rebooted

Well, that took me by surprise. It’s almost the end of January and I’ve not even wished you well for the New(ish) Year…. It’s been rather a downbeat start. We cancelled a visit to friends for New Year’s Eve as … Continue reading

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In which Old Ted goes to hospital…

I have a couple of ageing teddy bears that have been with me all my life – indeed, Old Ted was my mum’s or her sister’s, I think. They have accompanied me to Africa and back several times as a … Continue reading

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Bite the Bullet

Time to bite the bullet again (at least that would be calorie-free). The fridge has been detoxed and is full of butternut squash soup and other duly worthy stuff. Here we go, Orville and I… (Orville above is in fact … Continue reading

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Every home should have one…

I don’t know what worries me more; the choice of new ‘lodger’ that daughter and partner have installed in their hallway, the fact that we (sadly) could actually quite fancy one ourselves, or the fact that I didn’t  even notice it … Continue reading

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